At C Squared Consulting we help identify opportunities and solve problems
in order to improve the business performance of our clients.

We provide objective advice and support to help business owners with planning and decision
making by supplying just the right amount of expertise they need for a well-run business.

Our many years of experience combined with our personalized attention
to each client ensures that they have access to the best possible information when they need it.

Our commitment to building strong, long-term relationships with our clients
enables us to understand your unique needs and objectives.

We want to empower you do the work you love successfully!


Organizational Development

Optimizing company structure and organization is essential to ensure efficiency and to achieve goals


Human Resources

Efficient HR Management is critical to retain energized and engaged employees


Financial Management

Understanding and effective use of financial tools in planning is critical to your company’s success

Project Management

Project Management

Deliver your projects on time, on budget, with understood risks and delivery options


Change Management

Keep your company competitive and minimize disruption while transitioning to new policy, process or systems


Strategic Planning

Aligning strategy and long term goals with the time, energy and resources of all members of your organization